The Shooting Star !

The Shooting Star !

Originally uploaded by BenTaher

The focus of this shot is not, of course, the shooting star, but the surface of the earth. It’s from the Libyan desert, the Akakus mountain region.

My blog might not be too active…compared with my chatter on Facebook…but I can still send things there just to save them and to share with whatever small crowd still stumbles across it.


5 thoughts on “The Shooting Star !

  1. I was googling to find out about the black circles I saw in the Libyan desert as I flew over a couple of years ago and came across your photo – it’s beautiful and I’m really jealous. I really wanted to trek in the Libyan desert but I suppose, after the ‘troubles’ there, that will forever now be out of the question 😦

    Do you know what the black circles are in the desert – they were near mountains that looked like those in your photos? They aren’t the agricultural ones as they aren’t grouped very close together and, from all the photos I’ve seen of the agriculture plots, they always are close together.

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