Movie Idea from 2007

I have a file on my computer where I keep the various drafts of my screenplay, a few other screenplays I’ve started or at least outlined, and then some half-started notions for screenplay ideas that I saved and then forgot about.

Here’s one from 2007 that seems timely:

“A guy is encouraged by his friends to start a blog. He starts one called, in which he talks about sandwiches he likes. Before he knows it, he is being wooed by some of the biggest corporations in America – fast food restaurants, markets, various exotic ethnic food purveyors, all wanting him to write favorably about their sandwiches.”

There’s a lot missing from this idea, such as:

What guy?
What’s the problem?
Where’s the conflict?
— Man vs. Corporate America?
— Man vs. close friend/girlfriend who doesn’t want him to sell out?
— Man vs. close friend/girlfriend who DOES want him to sell out?
— What sandwiches?

I suppose it could be the male equivalent of that excellent little movie from a few years ago, “Waitress.” Guys, well some guys, pride themselves on their ability to make sandwiches, not pies.

I have to admit, this idea might be a little dated. Maybe I should save it for 20 years, when it might seem like an amusing nostalgic reflection of the ’00s.

I have better ideas, but I thought I’d start with this one and work my way up.


All Blogs Go To Heaven

Does it seem like maybe this one has? Do blogs that have been basically quiet for almost a year ever come back? Do I still have things to say? Is blogging still relevant for individuals not addressing a niche audience?

I’m still pondering