Regarding the demands for Hillary Clinton to drop out of the presidential contest:

Can someone explain to me exactly what Barack Obama’s campaign has done to give Hillary any incentive to drop out? Unless you think a stream of insults, threats, impatient whining (e.g. Obama’s ‘movie…too long’ comment) and finger-pointing is what you think would motivate someone with the ego to fancy themselves a president.

Is this how he plans to handle diplomacy when he’s in the White House?  He’s managing to look arrogant and weak at the same time, quite a trick.

Maybe they could bring in Al Gore to sigh at her.

Look, I’m aware that Obama hasn’t, directly, in his own words, called on Clinton to quit.  But his surrogates have done so, presumably with the blessing of his campaign gurus.  Let’s just say, he could stop the talk and he hasn’t. 

Like Bill Press says:

It’s not over yet. Until it is, we can’t be sure of the outcome. And it would be a big mistake to end it prematurely. There’s been many a boxing match where one fighter won 14 rounds, only to get knocked out in the 15th.

All these Obama supporters calling on Clinton to drop out aren’t helping their candidate, either. They make Obama look like he’s afraid of a fight. And they themselves look like a stereotypical bunch of men telling a woman she can’t hack it in politics, so she might as well get back in the kitchen…. If Obama ends up the nominee, I’ll do handstands on the White House lawn. But only if he wins it, fair and square.

I probably find it a bit more troubling in what it says about Obama than Press does.  The Obama campaign, which looked so savvy and professional for all of 2007 and the first two months of ’08 has suddenly fallen into a self-destructive spiral. For a candidate who has arguably cinched the nomination, he’s acting like he’s desperately unsure of himself and wants Hillary out of the way so he can go into free-fall without consequence.

Or else why would he have signed off on denying revotes to two big and critical states, Michigan and Florida?  A confident candidate would have encouraged a revote, which is the obviously fair thing to do.  But Barack Obama is no longer a confident candidate.  He’s a shell of what he was just 30 days ago.

For example, I thought Obama was awful on “The View.” If he can be pushed around by Elizabeth Hasselback, the meekest lil’ Republican on the planet, it’s scary to think what John McCain will be able to do to him.  He may be sticking to his story on Rev. Wright, but it’s not a story that hangs together, or commends him to independent voters. 

I admit, I fell hard for Obama a few months ago — maybe longer.  I’m wondering about that now.  Did I get caught up in his campaign irrationally?  No question about it, he’s a brilliant person, but there are lots of brilliant people who won’t wake up next January as president. Obama still could get my vote, but he is much-diminished. There is absolutely no reason for Hillary to drop out, and I’m guessing there is a contingent of Obama-supporting Dems who are saying it but hoping she won’t actually do it.  He needs the remaining weeks of this campaign to reestablish in our minds the qualities that made him seem like a potentially great president. 


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