Union Station, Cathedral of Rail

After dropping my son off Thursday evening for his annual winter trip to San Diego, I walked back to my car, turned around, and saw this:


Isn’t it cool how Metro has revived this architectural gem? The lobby was full of people.  I remember when going to Union Station felt like coming to a Greyhound station.  My son’s 17.  Seventy years from now, he’ll remember it not as a museum, but as that lively place where he caught the train to Nana’s.


3 thoughts on “Union Station, Cathedral of Rail

  1. Just this morning TCM was showing “Union Station”, with Bill Holden. Shot almost entirely at the station in 1950. You get to see some things that are no longer there, like the diner.

  2. Yes, but now you’ve got Traxx. It’s enjoyable to watch the waiters brandishing white tablecloths and lighting candles. Classes the place up.

    I haven’t actually eaten there for about four years, but I remember it was pretty good.

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