Sleepy Messiahs

Here is a somewhat standard-issue “Hillary Clinton campaign regroups” kind of story from the Washington Post’s politics page.  Trying to minimize the humiliation of her third-place finish, brave words about “not reading too much into” the Iowa results, even though Clinton spent more than a year criss-crossing the state. 

Internal polls evidently tell campaign Chairman Mark Penn that Obama owns the “change” message among many key demographics.  Word is Clinton’s main support comes from older women.  So, with destiny (and longtime Clintonistas) breathing down his neck…

“I think you’re going to see us moving aggressively to make sure that all voters understand that she is about change for all generations,” Penn said at approximately 2:30 a.m., as reporters surrounded him in the aisle of the plane midair somewhere over the Lake Michigan.  

Not to make too much of it, but this is a weird quote.  When people tell pollsters they want to see “change,” we should be assuming that the rest of this otherwise incomplete transitive verb-object form is “the government.”  But “change for all generations?”  If that’s what she’s all about, she definitely needs to be more specific.  As it stands, Penn’s making this election sound a bit too Biblical.  


3 thoughts on “Sleepy Messiahs

  1. Agreed. But even in its weirdness, it’s weirder still. There’s only one generation that needs cleaning up. I’d seriously consider voting for any candidate who came out and said he meant to fix the baby boomers wagon.

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