Tunguska “Trench” Found

The Tunguska asteroid of 1908, discussed here, is often referred to as an “event” of unspecified origin because no crater had been identified.   Now, it appears, one has been found. 

In their new study, a team of Italian scientists used acoustic imagery to investigate the bottom of Lake Cheko, about five miles (eight kilometers) north of the explosion’s suspected epicenter.

lake-cheko.jpg“When our expedition [was at] Tunguska, we didn’t have a clue that Lake Cheko might fill a crater,” said Luca Gasperini, a geologist with the Marine Science Institute in Bologna who led the study.

“We searched its bottom looking for extraterrestrial particles trapped in the mud. We mapped the basin and took samples. As we examined the data, we couldn’t believe what they were suggesting.

“The funnel-like shape of the basin and samples from its sedimentary deposits suggest that the lake fills an impact crater,” Gasperini said.

The crater is not round, but elongated, like a trench.  The mental picture I get is of a wheel-shaped chunk, spinning and rolling and then diving into the muddy ground.

If the chunk survived the explosion long enough to create a trench, wouldn’t that mean it’s still down there somewhere?  


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