Dang, Why Didn’t I Think of the iPhone?

rotary-phone.jpgHow many times have I talked on the telephone in my life?  At least 100,000, starting back in the 1950s.  Not to mention the hours I spent staring at the telephone, waiting for it to ring. 

Every place I’ve ever lived, I’ve had to consider the telephone.  Where should it go?  Major furniture placement decisions rested on the location of a phone plug.  At work, my desk might be covered with piles of paper, but there was always space cleared for the phone.

In all those years, why didn’t I ever look at my telephone and envision its real possibilities, like Steve Jobs did?  Why didn’t I meditate on this humble piece of technology and say, even once, “Hey the phone would be a great place to watch TV, store my record collection, get my mail, read the news, do research and go shopping?”

iphone-and-jobs.jpgIn retrospect, the iPhone makes so much sense.  But I didn’t have the vision to see it.  I’m such a loser. 

If I’d thought of the iPhone first, I’d be so rich, I could afford to buy one.


5 thoughts on “Dang, Why Didn’t I Think of the iPhone?

  1. Look at it this way, John: after you did all the work, they would have overturned your patents and squeezed you out anyway, so you saved yourself a lifetime of resentment. (Actually, I do know someone who has been predicting something like this for about 10 years now – right down to the touch screen. )

    As for me, I was just too involved with the R&D of a revolutionary “car-top dog carrier” to spare any time for such nonsense. As we were just about ready for the big product roll-out, I am sure that you can appreciate how crushed we were to discover that Mitt Romney held the patent on that idea. Oh well, back to the drawing board…

  2. If anyone has a picture of a car-top dog carrier, please send it me or post it. I’m eager to verify the claims of Mitt Romney supporters that his practice of hauling a dog on top of his car for 12 hours is normal.

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