Elliot Mintz Mulling a Return Ticket to Hell

According to a gossip columnist on E! Online, Elliot Mintz is now describing his fond farewell to Paris Hilton as “a bit premature.” 

…today (Mintz) tells me he is “very optimistic” that the two will reunite. 

“We had a telephone conversation last night,” Mintz said. “It was a good and healthy exchange. We are having dinner tonight…I think the world of her.”

Okay, I’m done with this story. 

For a minute there, Elliot M. had a nice glow.  The timing for a fade-out was good; followed perhaps by a memoir.  The difference between then and now… John Lennon’s message of imagining peace in the Vietnam era, versus Paris Hilton’s message of empty-headed glitz in the Iraq/Al-Queda era… And yet, the ties that bind, the synchronicity!  John & Yoko, exposing their genitals on an album cover.  Paris, exposing hers pretty much everywhere. 

It could have had an existential quality. He could have helped us make sense of his strange journey.  But it turns out that glow was just a tanning salon malfunction. 

Now Mintz is getting pathetic. What’s he going to do, camp out in front of the jail? “Today, Paris continued her hunger strike. She is insisting on a licensed pedicurist, and she refuses to eat any more mashed potatoes until her rights are respected.”

Elliot… Walk toward the light… Walk toward the light… 

UPDATE:  It’s official.  Per Mintz:

I shall continue to respect and support her as her media rep and friend.

And Paris Hilton is just a great friend.


5 thoughts on “Elliot Mintz Mulling a Return Ticket to Hell

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  2. Walk towards the light, indeed. I remember being in my mid teens listening to Elliot Mintz, I think on KPFK. I loved his voice. It was soothing. To my young mind he had the inside track to coolness. In those days I loved Firesign Theater, I thought the Beatles were the coolest guys ever, Bonzo Dog were frequent guests on the Steve Allen Show and peace and love and universal brotherhood, harmony and understanding sounded really good to me. I wore beads. I remember going to the Newport Folk Festival with my girlfriend. We both wore satin Nehru jackets ala the cover of Sergeant Pepper’s. Mine was blue, her’s was pink. My mother sewed them for us. I wasn’t old enough to be a hippie. I think a lot of us were looking for meaning, looking for “the secret”. The seekers of that generation were on to something, but maybe did not understand how to achieve it. Our souls are sent down into this physical world and face all kinds of challenges and distractions that can knock us off course if we do not keep our heads where they should be. The Age of Aquarius was a pale forgery of the Era of Redemption, the times into which we are headed. Every time another one of us has a personal Redemption and overcomes the limitations that hold us down spiritually and otherwise, it increases the collective energy of humankind’s momentum towards the rectification of the world. When it happens with enough of us it snowballs into the Ultimate Redemption, which fulfills all the prophetic visions of a world where everyone has an awareness of God and in which goodness abounds. The secrets and meanings are there, revealed by the real Kabbalists and holy ones, the holy Ari, the Baal Shem Tov, the Chassidic Rebbes, waiting for us to have a look, have a taste.

  3. A Geulaguy’s comment is great! But was it KPFK or KPPC? I wish I could just turn on the radio and re-listen to that station, circa 1969 – 1972 or so.

    Isn’t it likely that Elliott is walking into the money? Paris didn’t fire him, so she must appreciate his talents. Maybe she’s “appreciating” how much she’s paying for those talents.

    Paris is going to make the most of this, for her image. I wouldn’t be worried. Can’t there be a quick reality show developed to record her 45-day stay? I might even watch that one.

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