Beneath Contempt*

According to Fishbowl LA, as blogger and media critic Cathy Seipp lies in a hospital ICU bed, approaching the end of her noble battle against cancer, a grotesque subhuman being named Eliot Stein has posted an inane, score-settling fake letter on a site he registered in her name.   

I glanced at it, then clicked away, sick to my stomach.  Obviously, this thin-skinned ideological coward lacked the cojones to take her on when she was conscious, and so now takes the opportunity to have a morbid “last word.”

It is completely nauseating.  I guess there’s some right vs. left angle to this, (There isn’t:  See the first comment below.) but if so, Eliot Stein shames his side of the argument no less than Ann Coulter shames hers.  The only difference I can see is Ann Coulter makes a lot of money selling books, while I can’t imagine Stein enjoys success in doing much of anything.

I assume Eliot Stein has friends and family.  I feel sorry for them.  They must be looking for the exits about now — unlisted phone numbers, new e-mail addresses and so on to keep this lamebrain at a safe distance.  One thing is for sure.  Nobody will take note when this little tiny man passes away.  Cockroaches don’t get funerals.

*UPDATE 3/30/07.  Karma.  


5 thoughts on “Beneath Contempt*

  1. Oh, it’s not that at all. Stein was a teacher who stalked Cathy and her daughter. Politics not even involved. Which makes it worse, doesn’t it? Cathy wrote about it at IWF.

  2. Wow. This is taking a vendetta pretty far.

    I will miss Cathy Seipp’s very individual take on things. I remember reading her in Buzz magazine, when she was the only reporter who seemed willing to go behind the curtain at the LA Times. LA Observed, Patterico and other LA Times monitors swim in her wake. She is also wonderful at mixing the personal with her news observations; her blog felt like a long lunch where everything under the sun somehow connected. You get the feeling she kept her illness under wraps as long as she did so as not to distract her guests from the conversation, which was the essence of her gift to her readers.

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