Spontaneous Admission

Just noticed this embarassing blurt in a NY Times story this week about the reissue of a 10-year-old Anna Nicole Smith biography, “Great Big Beautiful Doll.”   You think maybe the publisher feels a little bit guilty making money off a corpse? 

The book, which is priced at $16.95, was originally published in hardcover in 1996, but Barricade, almost eerily prescient, had completed an updated version weeks ago that was scheduled to be issued in trade paperback this spring.

Last fall, Carole Stuart, the publisher of Barricade Books, had observed Ms. Smith’s recent troubles, notably, the death of her 20-year-old son and the paternity dispute over her newborn daughter. (Ms. Stuart’s late husband, the publisher Lyle Stuart, was famous for courting controversy with books like “The Anarchist Cookbook,” “The Turner Diaries” and the literary hoax “Naked Came the Stranger.”)

“I just thought, so much has happened in the 10 years since the first book came out that it would make a good trade paperback,” Ms. Stuart said. “Then of course last week she dies. And so we suddenly got really, really attractive to the distributors and to the book buyers.”

She added hastily: “We didn’t kill her or anything.”

But she admitted that Barricade Books is relishing its apparent monopoly on books about Ms. Smith.

Yeah, I’ll bet.  The detectives on Law and Order might even call that a motive.


4 thoughts on “Spontaneous Admission

  1. Not to excuse the publisher, but there is a big line forming pointing in the same direction as the “great moral compass” in the sordid mess that Anna Nicole’s death has become. Seems to me that the only thing that matters in the whole affair is the well-being of the newly born child. Couldn’t tell that from the behavior of most of the principals in Anna’s death drama. All of them pointing in the direction of “great moral compass”, looking to make some money.

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