A December Night in Redondo Beach

My son, my dog and I wanted to take a walk on the Esplanade in Redondo Beach on Sunday afternoon, but I had chores to do first.  But I stubbornly persisted with the idea, despite a little rain and approaching darkness.   Here’s a southerly view: 


Here was a heartfelt plea, taped carefully to a lamppost.  I hope the gnarly dude in question gives it up.surfers-lament.jpg


One thought on “A December Night in Redondo Beach

  1. Hey John/Ratt — hope things are going well for you. Saw in a recent pots that you’ve been working which is great; I recall you’d had some challenges finding a good next step.

    Anyhow, saw this and for whatever reason thought you’d find it interesting. Well, I guess the reason is you regularly comment on issues related to the blogosphere, public communications/media strategy, and just the overall new dynamic between newsmakers and their audience that the web provides.

    An early Happy Holidays to you.

    — sam


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