It’s Different in Minnesota

If I’ve been a little less prolific lately, there’s a good reason.  I’m working. 

For my job, I went to Minneapolis this week for about a day and a half.  They were having a cold snap — apparently cold weather happens a lot up there.  Thursday morning, I was due at an 8:30 meeting, so I rushed around my hotel room to get ready.  The final thing I did was take a quick shower.  Generally I don’t blow-dry my hair, and I don’t put any gel or spray in it.  I probably should, but I don’t.  So I’m in the streets of Minneapolis with damp hair.  Not for long, of course.  It was 2 degrees out.  I only had to get out of a cab, walk to the intersection, wait for the light and cross the street.  

A breeze blew a few locks of hair in my face, so I pushed them back. I felt something funny in the back of my head, like hair gel.  But that couldn’t be.

It was ice.  In the course of a three-minute walk, my hair had frozen. 

I liked 2 degrees. I can’t wait to go back!  


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