Mintz Meat

My popular Elliot Mintz post has also generated some of the most entertaining comments from people who lived in LA when Mintz was on the radio or TV and remember him fondly, or laughingly, or…  Even though I wrote the post back in February, I still get comments.  One of the best arrived yesterday, from Jon Monday:

I worked in record promotion from 1970 to 1982 – at first with a small label – Takoma Records – that had artists like Leo Kottke, John Fahey, and Robbie Basho. Then after Chrysalis bought Takoma in 1979, I became head of marketing for Chrysalis working with Billy Idol, Huey Lewis, and Blondie. KPPC and later KROQ were very influential stations that supported alternative music of the time.

In 1972 I got Fahey a spot on Elliot’s TV show, which was a very big deal for us. Fahey was supposed to finger-sync to a recording – and although the show was taped, they ran it as if it was a live show, so they wouldn’t have to edit it.

After a spot with Joan Baez, Elliot introduced Fahey by saying, “Here’s John Fahey to sing his new song…” Fahey went nuts, stopped the taping and bellowed, “This guy doesn’t even know who I am. I DON’T SING!”

They had to reset everything and re-introduce Fahey, but then Fahey wouldn’t even fake the guitar playing. He swung his arms around like Pete Townsend, etc.

Fahey, if you’re not familiar with the name, was an incredibly gifted guitarist who played in a folk style, but pushed the boundaries of the form.  Before he died, he wrote a great memoir, How Bluegrass Music Destroyed My Life.

Monday is an archivist of spoken word, music and film.  His company is about to release, for example, the final poetry reading by Charles Bukowksi (whose work is the basis for the current film “Factotum”), and he sells a 1955 lecture by Aldous Huxley.  He finished his comment with a request, that I thought it might be nice to highlight in case anyone can help him.

On another note, in April 1968 there was a benefit concert at the Kaleidoscope Theater for KPPC. I was there and it was incredible – Canned Heat, Bo Diddley, Traffic, and the Doors. For years I’ve been looking for a poster of the event for my collection. Anyone got any ideas?  

If you can help, you can post here, or email him directly at

Thanks to everyone who has commented on the Mintz post.  If you haven’t gone to that post in awhile, check it out again to read the comments. It helps bring back the sense of that fascinating period in LA; fascinating to me, obviously because I was a teenager, but also rather amazing culturally.


One thought on “Mintz Meat

  1. I don’t know who John Fahey is either… haha… but I’m interested in guitars and how the guys play it. I hope you guys won’t mind if I ask for a video or mp3 of John Fahey around in the net. I’d like to hear his style very much.

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