NomaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhH!!!!!! (updated*)

 nomar-9-18-06.jpgIf you’re into baseball, it was a great night for Los Angeles.  Comebacks do happen!!!

LA Dodgers 11, San Diego 10, 10 innings

LA Dodgers 11, San Diego 10, 10 innings
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By JOHN NADEL, AP Sports Writer
September 19, 2006


LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Los Angeles Dodgers hit four consecutive homers in the bottom of the ninth to tie the game and Nomar Garciaparra‘s two-run homer in the 10th lifted Los Angeles to an 11-10 victory over the San Diego Padres on Monday night.

The Dodgers moved back into first place in the NL West, a half-game ahead of the Padres.

After Los Angeles tied it in the ninth with four straight homers — just the fourth time that’s happened in major league history — the Padres took a 10-9 lead in the top of the 10th on Josh Bard‘s RBI single off Aaron Sele (8-6).

But Rudy Seanez (1-2) walked Kenny Lofton to begin the bottom half, and Garciaparra followed by hitting his 18th homer deep into the left field pavilion.

The capacity crowd of 55,831 at Dodger Stadium stood and cheered for several minutes afterward.

*Update:  Josh Rawitch’s in-house Dodger blog, Inside the Dodgers — which is surprisingly independent given that Rawitch works for the McCourts — added this perspective on the game…and perhaps an alibi for those who left the Stadium early, or who, like me, gave up on the game in the 8th inning, and was lucky to flip back to it at a crucial moment in the ninth. 

The fact is, your 2006 Los Angeles Dodgers do a lot of things well, but not comebacks:

This is a team that hadn’t erased a four-run deficit to win a single time this year. Not once. Only once had they erased a three-run deficit to win. And yet, they erased two four-run deficits in the game, one in the ninth inning.

This is a team that is last in the league in homers and they hit seven on the night. Four in an inning. Four in a row. Three on consecutive. Off the game’s best closer ever.

This was a team in a must-win game. Not a “it’d be nice if we took this game from the Padres.” Players before the game were calling it must-win. And falling behind 4-0 isn’t a great way to come out the gate. But in a must-win situation, this team won in arguably the best game anyone here has ever seen. Greg Maddux just told me he’s never seen anything like it. Same with Grady Little, Dave Jauss, Derek Lowe and just about anyone you could talk to downstairs.

You can also relive the key moments by reading the Dodgers Thoughts’ game thread, here.  Start at post #553, time-stamped at 10:32 p.m. in which “Steve in Rochester” reaches the depths of despair as the Dodgers fall behind 9-5 in the ninth:

2006-09-18 22:32:30

553.   Steve in Rochester

this is as discouraged as I have been about anything in a long time

Within eight minutes, the four consecutive solo homeruns have occured, including the last one by recent acquisition Marlon Anderson: 

2006-09-18 22:40:30

598.   Vaudeville Villain


Marlon Anderson!!!!

Fourteen minutes later, as Dodger reliever Aaron Sele gives up a run in the top of the 10th inning, despair again: 

2006-09-18 22:54:06

675.   joekings

I think I’m going to be sick.

2006-09-18 22:54:37

676.   underdog

{{cursing quietly to self at home}}

But just eight more minutes later, something obviously has happened.  Poster “confucius” is felled by the vapors:  

2006-09-18 23:04:15

700.   confucius


And finally, 28 seconds later, some clarification:

2006-09-18 23:04:43

701.   Greg Brock

The greatest game ever played.

2006-09-18 23:04:47

702.   KG16

Just in time…

2006-09-18 23:04:51

703.   StolenMonkey86


2006-09-18 23:04:54

704.   Telemachos



2006-09-18 23:04:57

705.   Linkmeister


Read the whole thing, and the next post, too, which has a bunch of aftermath posts. Almost like having these guys in your living room. 


2 thoughts on “NomaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhH!!!!!! (updated*)

  1. Well, it would be nice to believe that anything like 55k were still there, but, I can’t quite. That would actually have been impossible, in L.A. Back to back to back to back homeruns, with a walk-off kicker? Merely improbable.


  2. L.A. Times’s coverage this morning of the game — with four consecutive homers — was awesome. Combacks indeed do happen, and are especially nice when the division is going down to the wire. I missed the game, bummer! But I’m pulling for the Dodgers, especially since my team, the Halos, will be needing a near miracle to make the post season. Take care!

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