Full Moon Fever


Why do we stare at the full moon? Why are we so captivated by it?  Why, when it rises above the horizon, do we stop what we’re doing or saying to point it out? Why does a landscape bathed in moonlight have such mystique?

It’s the realization that all over the world, wherever it’s dark at that moment, everyone is caught in the same strange light.  The light of a full moon is only the reflection of the sun’s; but the moon–this dark, abandoned mirror–transfigures the light into a magic glow.  You can see it and feel it best out on the ocean or in the desert, away from electric lights; but even in the city, a full moon aimed at an open bedroom window changes whatever and whoever is inside.

If full moons happened less frequently, we’d think they were astronomical miracles.  But, for some reason, this month’s is making a big impression on people. The light seems different — although I don’t think this photo really captures it.


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