The Bidens Get A Room

joebiden.jpgWhat is it about Sen. Joe Biden? Why do these things keep coming out of his mouth? From The Hill:

Speaking to a group of 130 twenty- and thirty-something supporters of his leadership PAC last Thursday, Biden indicated that while he thinks he could be an effective chief executive, as far as the job itself goes, he could take it or leave it.

“I’d rather be at home making love to my wife while my children are asleep,” he said.

The image of Joe Biden making love, period, does not warm the imagination. But then add to it the fatuous response of his flack:

Biden’s PAC spokeman, Larry Rosky, said the line illustrates that “this is not an egostistical pursuit for him” and that he is “frankly totally in love with his wife.”

I guess Rosky had to say something, but come on. Most of us would rather be home making love to our wife, or husband, or somebody than doing what we do for a living. That’s why they call it “work.” That’s what we work for.

Only a gargantuan ego like Biden would think a preference for carnal bliss makes him an extra-special swell guy. I guess he wants us to say “Gosh, the sacrifices Joe Biden is making.”

George Washington, crossing the Delaware. Abe Lincoln, splitting rails. Franklin Roosevelt, overcoming polio. And Joe Biden, not having sex with his wife so he can attend a PAC fundraiser.


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