Nissan: Shift…location

Thanks to the excellent South Bay blog, The Aesthetic, I have been pointed to Curbed LA's photos of the moving vans pulling up to Nissan North America's Torrance headquarters to take their stuff to Tennessee.  Click here to see them. 

In the beautiful South Bay, most of the landmarks are natural features, but the distinctive Nissan headquarters building, with its beveled glass feature, was a gateway of sorts to this part of LA County. When Nissan became a client of the PR agency I worked for in 1995 or so, I'll admit to a little thrill that I actually got to go inside this iconic (to me) structure. 

nissan-building.jpgI assume, but don't know for sure, that the building stays up after its occupants leave.  Several other Japanese automakers companies still maintain big offices in the Torrance/Gardena/Carson area, which might account for the fact that so many Nissan employees declined to move with the company.  

I wonder if the greater LA area will ever add a major corporate headquarters again.  We've certainly lost quite a few, and our local and state governments seem powerless to stop the flow.   


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