Hands and Lungs

This flu, or cold, or whatever, is lingering, so my posting is probably going to be short & sweet & infrequent for a few more days.  (Short? Ha! you say.)

It’s too late to help me, but given all the publicity given to the threat of avian flu, this Family Flublog might help you.  Here’s the kind of advice you’ll find.

Children catch flu easily and are a potent source for infecting the whole community by bringing pandemic flu home to their families. A child coming down with pandemic flu will spread it for up to two days before he feels sick. What can schools do to minimize this risk?

Alcohol-based cleansers are quick and easy to use and better than soap and water for killing flu virus, given the way most people wash their hands. (Squirt a small pool of cleanser into one palm and continue rubbing it over both fronts and backs and between fingers until the hands are dry. Takes about thirty seconds.)

Each child should get a squirt of this cleanser each time she enters the class room. An easy way to do this is for the teacher to give each child a squirt as the line goes past her coming in each morning and coming back from recess and lunch.

This blog just started, but it already has a number of good, sensible posts.  It’s flu — and avian flu panic — prevention.

And I wonder why this blog isn’t being sponsored by a major health insurer, or the federal government? It’s a labor of love and, perhaps, self-promotion by a registered nurse and health care consultant named Mary B. Townsend.

(Hat tip to ScienceBlog, my new favorite site.)


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