Must… Avoid… Sopranos… Spoilers…*UPDATED for 2007

*Update, 3/7/07.  I’ve noticed this year-old post is getting a lot of traffic lately.  I’m sorry. This was about the first half of the new season.  I still won’t spoil it in case you are waiting to watch it on DVD, but for the rest of you…hey, how about that, whoo, imagine that, mm-mm-mm.

The thing I can’t figure out about The Sopranos is, how much of what happens is foreshadowing of the ultimate end of the story, and how much of it is just stuff that happens in episodic TV?  I think of the Sopranos as like a novel, unfolding chapter by chapter until a climatic end.  But what if it isn’t?  What if it’s just a show, like “Bewitched,” where, other than the characters getting older and paunchier, there is no final resolution. 

Those castaways never got rescued from “Gilligan’s Island,” after all. (At least not during the series’ run.) There’s no guarantee Tony will end up in witness protection, dead or in prison.  It might just … end.  How would you feel if that happened?

Here is the original post:  

Tony Soprano.jpgThis is probably a good weekend to avoid too much random Internet surfing if you’re a Sopranos fan. Hundreds of TV critics got copies of a DVD with the new season’s first four episodes and, as a result, hints are being left all over the place about some big thing that’s supposed to happen during Sunday night’s premiere.

I don’t know what’s odder; someone who would post the secret and then label it “spoiler alert,” or someone who can’t resist the temptation to find out. I’m certainly not in the first category, and for the next 48 hours I must try to avoid fitting into the second.

Because so many people use TiVo, even if you’re not a TV critic, you should be careful not to disclose twists. My brother Seth and I are both fans of “24,” where, on Monday, a beloved character met a horrific fate. I wanted to get Seth’s reaction, but luckily I didn’t assume he’d seen it and wrote him a somewhat vague e-mail.

He probably still hasn’t seen it, so for his sake anyway, I will say no more.


9 thoughts on “Must… Avoid… Sopranos… Spoilers…*UPDATED for 2007

  1. Oh no, that was my first order of business upon my return from DC. Had to see “24.” And all I can say is no wonder the actor who played that character got so much great press over the last few weeks. Apparently it was a bon voyage!!

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