Thieves Just Wanna Have Fun

Netflix…what a great service. I’ve had two documentaries from Netflix sitting next to our DVD player for three or four months, I haven’t played them yet, and Netflix doesn’t care. As if to rub it in, radio ads now emphasize you can keep Netflix disks for 97 years, no late fees.

A friend of Metroblogging LA’s “benhigh” also likes Netflix to send him documentaries. This friend has a neighbor in Echo Park who likes to steal Netflix out of his friend’s mailbox. Except, apparently now the thieves have figured out they don’t like this guy’s taste in movies. So now, when he goes to his mailbox, he’ll usually find his Netflix inside — with part of the red package torn away so the contents could be inspected.

PBS’ Frontline documentary, “Ghosts of Rwanda,” did not get a thumbs-up from the Netflix thief.


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