Thank You’s

Borrego, February 2006 036 smaller.JPGThis blog and its author have a few people to thank. Many, in fact.

First of all: Word Press, the host of this and many other excellent blogs, has a site called “Best Blog on Word Press.” This morning, this post cited “From the Desert to the Sea…” Thank you for that.

Last Friday, readers of the Los Angeles Daily Journal, a newspaper serving the legal community, might have seen a story about the blog and my background. The reporter, Erin Park, did a good, fair job detailing the unusual circumstances surrounding this blog’s gestation, and also had some complementary things to say about it. (The Daily Journal is not online, but LA Observed posted an excerpt.)

After that story, I got a number of very nice e-mails from friends old and new, including some fellow bloggers whose respect I truly cherish.
Most importantly, I’m grateful to anyone and everyone who stops by here to read my various musings. Your time is precious, so it is indeed a humbling thing to know that someone spares a few minutes of it here. Thank you.

To show my appreciation, here’s a desert pic from this weekend in Borrego. No flowers, but lots of clouds.


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