Another Damsel in Distress for Mintz

janet jones-gretzky.jpgThanks to Deadspin, I just learned that Elliot Mintz, publicist for Paris & Nicky Hilton, and onetime flak-catcher for John & Yoko Ono-Lennon and Bob Dylan, is now right in the middle of the National Hockey League’s gambling scandal.

No toothless goalies for Mintz, however. He’s representing Janet Jones, actress, model and wife of hockey’s greatest player, former LA King Wayne Gretzky. Gretzky is now coach of the Phoenix Coyotes.

Elliot and Yoko.jpgJones’ name has come up as a betting client of Gretzky’s assistant coach with Phoenix, Rick Tocchet, with various news stories stating that Gretzky was secretly recorded talking about how to keep Jones out of the limelight as the betting investigation unfolded.

Gretzky is not implicated in the scandal, but news stories make it sound like everyone in his life was placing big bets with Tocchet. Tocchet and a New Jersey State Trooper, James E. Harney, have been charged in the case. Detectives believe they conveyed Super Bowl and other bets from other hockey players (and Jones) to an unknown bookie who detectives have linked to the Bruno-Scarfo crime family in South Jersey and Philadelphia.

According to Mintz, “Janet is merely one of a number of (grand jury) witnesses and there is no allegation whatsoever that Janet has violated any law.”


7 thoughts on “Another Damsel in Distress for Mintz

  1. ON THE CONTRARY. Elliott is loved by the Lennon’s because he is brilliant, classy and genuine–as are the Lennons. Anyone who thinks different obviously does not know them.

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