That Unsatisfied Feeling

Hasselbeck.jpgThanks to Kevin Hench, columnist at, here are ten reasons why the National Football League’s post-season this year kind of felt like the 2000 election — unfair and unresolved. Fans are happy for Jerome Bettis, and the Pittsburgh Steelers are a perfectly respectable champion. But if the referees had not made so many gross blunders, you could just as easily imagine Seattle, New England or Indianapolis with the trophy.

What’s worse: The calls did not “even out.” In the Super Bowl, the Seahawks were consistently on the losing end of bad calls; in earlier rounds, the Patriots and Colts kept getting jobbed, while Pittsburgh and Denver usually benefited — the one exception being the Polamalu phantom interception that almost snatched Pittsburgh’s ill-gotten victory away.

I have no changes to recommend. Like campaign finance reform, each new officiating rule creates five unintended consequences for every one problem it addresses. But if you’re a football fan and you’re feeling a little unsatisfied with the just-concluded season, this might be why.

NAVARRO-DIONER-LA-1.JPGAnyway, with Madison Avenue’s annual extravaganza out of the way, something good to ponder: Baseball Spring Training begins in a little more than a week. Pitchers and catchers report to the Dodgers and Angels February 15.


2 thoughts on “That Unsatisfied Feeling

  1. Might as well restart the baseball arguments from last year’s playoffs and World Series. I for one think that Piersynski’s series-turning scamper to first vs. the Angels was the exact right action, and ultimate umpire call. Didn’t you or someone refer to scientific studies done of the tape to show that the ball did hit the ground before the 3rd string catcher had it in his glove? Wasn’t a special SETI communication done to ask observers from other planets? Anyway, as a Giants fan I suffered through a year of AJ, but he deserves all the credit for his “heads-up” baseball play. That’s the thing about baseball: total heads-up awareness. It is the ultimate “living in the moment” game, albeit with a rich background knowledge of history. Can’t wait.

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