Advertising…on Eggs?

Adrants points us to Eggfusion‘s site — a company that will put “born on” dates on one side of an egg … and an advertising message on the other.  Eggs are “a unique, impression-rich media vehicle,” they say; and consumers will embrace the concept because, along with the ads, they’ll be able to verify their eggs are fresh.

Why stop there? Nobody eats the skin you peel off fruit, like oranges. They’re perfect for advertising.  Better than eggs, because eggs stay in the carton, inside the refrigerator, their important messages going to waste until — crack.  Fruit is put in a bowl, right where everyone can see it, and it takes longer to peel.  Impressions-wise, an egg doesn’t hold a candle to a banana.

It would make more sense to put little sound chips on eggs, so that every time you break one, you would hear a commercial jingle.  Go ahead. Take my idea. Just send me a carton.


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