Mozart Milestone

Mozart 4 clip.jpg The year 2006 is a big one for round-numbered birthdays of great, historical figures. Last week came Benjamin Franklin’s 300th. Today is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart‘s 250th.

If you find the concept of “genius” elusive, listen to Mozart. If you haven’t got any CDs, you can find downloadable or streamable tracks on sites like iTunes and Rhapsody (for some reason, Yahoo! Music Engine’s site has no classical music.) Or you can listen to KUSC’s Jim Svejda, who will probably find some devilishly clever way to salute him this evening on 91.5 FM.

We in LA have a station named after the composer, K-Mozart at 105.1 FM, and unlike KUSC, they post a Mozart birthday card on their website. The station will also host a free birthday concert (with cake) Sunday, January 29, at Skirball Cultural Center. Click on this to find out how to make a reservation.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying this recording of the Mozart Clarinet Quartet. Indescribably beautiful. But really, Mozart’s music is one of those things that’s never bad, always worthwhile, always uplifting.


One thought on “Mozart Milestone

  1. PVHS, class of ’73?
    If that’s the case, then you might remember me from high school and UCB. I came across your name recently, with regard to your unfortunate legal situation, and found my way to this fine blog. I recall first meeting you and some of the PVHS gang at a Dead show at El Monte Legion Stadium.
    I’ve been in Marin County for 30+ years now, working in publishing, the web, and music (see website). I was back in beautiful, sunny PV last weekend visiting my folks. If only it had some redwood trees, too!
    Mozart? I’m enjoying “Cosi Fan Tutte” live from the Met as I write this.
    Write back if you feel like looking back at the past a little and comparing notes.
    All the best to you. — Kurt

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