Central Coast Splendor

Moonstone Bay surf and cliffs with white birds on shore.jpg For my 50th birthday last weekend, my wife, members of my family and two close friends all met in beautiful Cambria. It was wonderful and most appreciated. During most of the weekend, the surf was intense — long, frequent rolling waves that you heard everywhere you went. Storms blew in and blew out all day Saturday. You could see them coming off the ocean from the northwest, belts of heavy grey clouds with brilliant blue skies in between. Exciting.

On the way home, we took a detour up to the beach at Piedras Blancas, where we got to see the mother elephant seals reclining on the beach, feeding their little pups.

What was true about Woody Allen and New York is equally true about me and California. Everything I need is here. I would have a hard time living anywhere else. Even though I am Chicago-born and lived most of my childhood in a suburb of New York, I don’t know how I’d survive now if I couldn’t see theBeach picnic reduced.jpg earthquake-tossed earth around me, feel the desert breeze, hear the ocean waves and smell the mountain pines.


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