Grow Your Own

I like the concise pearls of wisdom on Seth Godin’s Blog. He’s done a lot of critical thinking about marketing, and the ability of the Web to restore trust in even the most commercial forms of communication. I’ve never been a product-oriented marketer, but his insights have value to issue-oriented communicators as well. A couple days ago, he posted this Zen-like fable. As I head out for a long weekend’s family reunion, I leave it for you to ponder:

“Farming and hunting”

Five thousand years ago, every human was a hunter. If you were hungry, you got a rock or a stick and you went hunting.

The problem was that all of the animals were either dead or really good at hiding.

Fortunately, we discovered/invented the idea of farming. Plant
seeds, fertilize em, water em, watch em grow and then you harvest them.

The idea spread and it led to the birth of civilization.

Everyone got the idea… except for marketers.

Marketers still like to hunt.

What we’re discovering, though, is that the good prospects are getting really good at hiding.


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