It’s Called a Tape Recorder

Lindsay Lohan, the star of “The Parent Trap” and other family movies, is on the cover of next month’s Vanity Fair, wearing a bathing suit designed to demonstrate she’s no longer frighteningly thin. Apparently, or allegedly, she told the reporter she went through a period of bulimia, which only ended when Saturday Night Live Executive Producer Lorne Michaels confronted her after her appearance last year on “Saturday Night Live.” But now, she wants to deny her alleged bulimia, saying her words were “misused and misconstrued” and accusing the reporter of lying.

Just speculating, but I’ll bet bulimia appears on a list of risk factors that would affect whether a movie producer could obtain insurance on Ms. Lohan.

Lohan.jpgVanity Fair says it has the interview on tape. Why doesn’t Ms. Lohan? Has her press agent never read Vanity Fair? The celebrity interviews focus like a laser on substance abuse, infidelity, heartbreak, money problems, eating disorders, illness, childhood abuse, plastic surgery, sexual orientation confusion, and emotional breakdowns. They fill the space between those revelations with blather about the star’s latest movie or artistic process, but no one reads those parts. They skip to the scandalous stuff.

Since “The Parent Trap,” Lohan has been associated with at least a couple-three of the above issues. Wouldn’t it have been prudent to take the same care about the VF interview that flacks for CEOs and presidential candidates do? Bringing your own tape recorder is pretty much standard procedure for any interview with adversarial potential. Just having the tape recorder in the room also serves as a reminder for the interview subject to mind what they say.

Of course, this interview won’t inflict the kind of damage on Ms. Lohan’s career that a similar interview would do to a business leader’s. Is that why the actress received such a substandard level of PR support?


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