Do I have to?

Yes, I have to…quote Dick Morris:

Bush’s Democratic and liberal critics tend to see opposition to the war in Iraq and complaints about domestic spying as two sides of the same coin — both positions that defend what they see as our values in the face of government recklessness. But while the critics have a plurality on the question of whether the war in Iraq was a mistake, they’re in the minority in complaining about the Bush anti-terror policies at home.

Why do majorities support the Patriot Act and NSA wiretapping but oppose the war in Iraq? Because the true swing voters in politics today are isolationists, who vote with the left on Iraq and with the right on homeland security…. (snip) The voters who rate Bush’s performance in Iraq negatively or who call for a pullout are not, in the main, dedicated liberals or even Democrats. Rather, they’re marching to the beat of a drummer never stilled in our political music — the desire for the rest of the world to go away.

Dick Morris makes me want to hide my toes, but he’s got a point here. The Democratic Party’s strategy for 2006 is woefully wrong-headed, and will end up strengthening Bush’s hand, undeservedly. Just today, I got an e-mail from Howard Dean that started like this:

George Bush personally ordered American intelligence services to spy on American citizens without the consent of any court and repeatedly directed officials to take actions that explicitly violated the law.

You just want to scream. The NSA wiretapped people in America…who were talking to known members of terrorist organizations! In a program that began days after 9/11! And you call this an “abuse of power?” Which bloc of voters do you see getting exercised about this? Did I miss the big “Fair Play for Al Queda Committee” march? Howard Dean, you are writing the Republican Party’s 2006 campaign commercials.


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