“Those awful domestic disputes!”

This post is why I enjoy reading Ann Althouse’s randomish blog.  It’s supposed to be a law blog–she’s a law professor.  But that’s a topic she rarely addresses as her mind noodles over her daily life.  In this post, she’s looking over the various top-ten lists for 2005’s movies and concludes that this year was “a big drag!”  She’s funny on the topic of biopics: 

Is this acting stunt worth doing? I seriously do not understand why they make so many biopics, especially of people there’s plenty of film of, especially when they are singers and we’ve got innumerable filmed recordings of their concert performances.

Is it because the actor can show us the actual consumption of drugs and alcohol, and we can drag in an actress for him to have big, loud fights with? Those awful domestic disputes! I’m never interested in seeing a man and a woman just yelling at each other about their relationship! I think Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton are interesting in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf,” but, after that, I really don’t need any more. Husband and wife squabbles! Why not just live in an apartment building with thin walls?

I only saw two of CNN’s best movies: “Crash” and “Capote.”  I liked both of them.  But I get so much more pleasure out of old movies, and as a screenwriter-in-training, I learn more from them. This Christmas, one of my brothers gave us, I think, 10 film noirs like “Where the Sidewalk Ends,” and “The Dark Corner.”  I’d put the Tim Burton biopic “Ed Wood” on my Amazon Wish List, and my mother got me that, along with a box set of all Ed Wood’s movies.  I don’t think she understood exactly why I like the Tim Burton movie, but what the heck. I’ve always wanted to see “Glen or Glenda.” Maybe I’ll watch it in Glendale. Or Glendora.


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